Lil Spill

February 16, 2014

The Bars have been rocking. ( except Key West. need to kick that bar into gear) I will also say that I was disappointed in the New Orleans numbers since they have the all-star game and the first Mardi Gras parade this weekend.
It’s official Chantel and I are registered for the New Orleans Triathlon Olympic distance, March 30th. Damn ironman videos. It looks so great to finish. The beautiful histories of these people and how they overcome adversity and finish the ironman. Damn pr companies luring me in. Yes Chantel and I are going to do our first half ironman in Augusta georgia too. Poor Chantel gets pulled into my craziness ( she’s crazy too). I am definitely going to sign us up. THOSE VIDEOS just ate at me. ” If the one armed women with osteoporosis can do a full ironman why can’t I do a half”? I am an idiot but now that I said it, it will happen. Everyone is worried about the swim. I am actually more worried about the bike in Augusta. Fucking clip ins on hilly terrain!
Enough about that. Valentines weekend went well.
OKC had a haters ball that did phenomenally well. If you don’t have a special valentine then go down to Bricktown and get loaded. lol (Of course you are not getting too loaded and will have a designated driver. )
Darren Sharper. The mind of a sexual deviant. Good looking , sports analysts, former nil player yet he drugs and rapes women. Unbelievable

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