Lil Spill

February 20, 2014

This is what you learn when managers live at your house. Especially male managers. 1. They will leave food in the fridge for months without throwing it out. 2. They lie straight in the face of my wonderful assistant and pretend they will dispose of the cardboard boxes and also pretend they will take some boxes to good will. 3. They don’t use sheets to create less laundry.
The cool personal stuff I just learned is Mac’s obsession with Air Jordans. He has probably 50 pairs that he purchases on line as a collector. He will wait until 6 am to purchase a rereleased vintage pair. He takes out the tissue paper because it yellows the sneakers and he will keep some pairs in the freezer. Interesting

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Liliana Lovell

He loves his shoes!!

Tom and Kelly



Liliana you’re going to love the way I’ve decorated my bedroom. No little Missie to worry about any more. So the bed is now in one corner allowing me to dedicate more than 2/3 of the floor space to being my workroom. For a male it is the perfect combination, a bedroom come shed – Male Perfection.

Michael Mallon

mind boggling.