Mary Barrett

Very disappointed with the Nashville bar Feb 15th 2014 had a sandwich all they had were hamburger and fries took 40 minuets for the meal when put on table told us their was no jets up everything was cold and cost was $24. The bar had abut 25 customers and this was 7 p.m. The girl talking with the speaker at the bar was vulgar and most the words used were sucking and not to swallow. I have gone to this bar the alar four years each time we visit Nashville and after this visit with poor service and horrible atmosphere will be the last time we come. We use to enjoy coming watching the girls dance on the bar and did not even see this. This place has gone down hill and can say this as we went to several establishments that night and this bar had very few customers compared to the rest. Not sure why it has changed so much but frly we were ripped off for,the money we spent as could not eat the food