Lil Spill

December 23, 2013

” Princess , oh Princess ” . As I am skiing down the hill I hear the screams of my friend. Even her ski instructor starting screaming ” nice to meet you Princess. ” After spending 3 days with my friend and her son I am now referring to myself as that. ” Princess wants to go to the gym. Come on kids, the princess is getting annoyed with waiting. Dude, Princess needs a wine pronto.” All of this because I make her run every once in a while and I hate her posting my picture all over Facebook. ” Princess made me run a tough mudder. Princess made me do a 5 mile run. Princess doesn’t like her picture taken. ” oh brother.
I am excited to own my first pizza place in the gas lamp. I need to do some research on non gluten pizza dough that also does not have corn or potato in the ingredients. Probably won’t be a best seller but at least I can eat it every once in a while.

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