Lil Spill

December 21, 2013

” dude you left me on the phone with 6 lawyers!” That was the text I got from our new landlord in San Diego. I opted out of a conference call Wednesday because of that reason. Lawyers: 80% working for their clients best interest and 20% ego. I can’t stand those calls. There is one phrase in the lease that my side doesn’t like. I reworded it and the landlord agreed with my new wording but my lawyers still don’t like it. For Fuck Sakes let’s wrap this up.
Is it weird that I am excited to get Jackson’s hand me downs ? The other day I tried on his jeans that no longer fit him and while a bit snug in the butt they fit. We are in Park City right now and I forgot ski pants. I officially fit into his ski pants from last year . Score!
One of the girls in Key West has been in my thoughts all night. Life can be hard sometimes.

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Debbie Brune

We love your Coyotes in Key West. Always a great time.