Lil Spill

December 25, 2013

I have a wonderful life. Family, friends, dogs. I can say today, for the first time ever, I got everything on my Christmas list. Who knew The Griddler would bring me such happiness! Lee and I were chatting and he was also blessed with an incredible gift. He is one of my dear friends and an avid believer in conspiracy theories. He was overjoyed to receive a 3 day survival kit! I love that. ( I hope a redneck put it together because we all know they are the ones who will survive during any type of apocalyptic event). His wife knows him well. So funny.
Bars did relatively well last night. Go team. The Lovell/Piccirillo house is a bit under the weather today. Jackson has had a really bad cold so we have had a Breaking Bad Marathon. Can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas. We have never been a family that gives extravagant gifts. Jackson traditionally only asks for new pencils to draw. ( No joke #2 pencils not the fancy ones). This year we gave our son Beats Earphones, an Attack on Titan Calendar in Japanese , two bobble head dolls of Daryl from The Walking Dead and Dexter, and an iTunes gift card. Perfect. He loved the Earphones, that makes me really happy.

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Sherri McFadden

Yes you do, are very lucky. Sounds like your son is a respectful, good kid. That comes from parents who care and try to lead by example. Also sounds like you are raising him to respect women. You go girl!!! Sherri from Oregon