Lil Spill

December 19, 2013

On a conference call and all the participants are being introduced by a certain gentlemen. ” This is Liliana Lovell the owner of Coyote Ugly and this is Jeff Wiseman, sorry Jeff I don’t know what you do.” Lol I wanted to say ” Sir he’s the company lawyer. He makes more then all of us and I can’t pee without getting his approval.”
I need to see the girls from around the country. We haven’t had real bright as life entertainers in a while. The training they get makes them entertainers and bartenders. I am searching for the ” can’t stop looking at them , big as life, stars.” San Antonio has a few. Need to revisit NY and see the talent at that bar.

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Sherri McFadden

Cool. Call CMT and do a new search on tv. It's been a long time, Lil. Sherri from Oregon