Lil Spill

November 21, 2013

Kevin finished!!! He is officially 120 mile Kevin while I am only 80 mile Lil. Trying to get our webmaster to post videos but they may be too large.
Yesterday’s doctor appointment.
Doctor: ” So you got a skin rash on your chest while doing a crazy race. You are here because you are not bright enough to figure out that profuse sweating , not changing your clothes for days at a time, and not bathing for 5 days could of been the cause.”
Me: I am not that stupid Doctor but can you please make it go away. Also Are there any diseases associated with completely unsanitary bathrooms in third world countries? ”
Doctor: ” Is it strange for me to conclude that maybe you should only do these races if it involves a high end hotel after every race day?”
Me: ” that would be great. I love the physical activity. But the end of the day, no shower, too cold to sleep, and holding in your pee for days at a time not to have to use the bathrooms does get old. I used to love camping. I may not even like that anymore.”
Ok day by day stories when I catch up with work. I am way behind right now. Nepal 088

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