Lil Spill

November 2, 2013

” Who stole what ? Which bar? Which manager?” I had to read it in the log . I was pissed that I didn’t get a call about this. Unfucking believable!
Jackson’s dad and I went to his cross country meet today. At the end of mile 1 Jackson was jogging and chatting not paying any attention to the race. I screamed ” pick up the pace!” His dad screamed ” get in the game!” At the end of the race, Jackson came in 51st. When he came over to us another mom said to him hysterically laughing ” Jackson great job. I figure I better say it since your parents won’t.” Come on! I love that kid more then life but he put no effort forth in the race. Were we really supposed to congratulate him?” It’s not like we scolded him. But he didn’t try. It’s a running race if you see someone running and talking at the same time that means they are not trying their hardest. Well we are watching movies and I am letting him eat pizza tonight cause that freaking mom made me feel bad. She is probably one of those people who doesn’t like dodgeball being played in school or wants everyone to make the team even if they stink. Am I crazy, or is life hard? When you apply for a job do people just hire you even when you aren’t qualified? What motivation would anyone have to excel if they don’t know competition and failure? How are we setting up our children to be independent when we don’t expose them to real life? URGH

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Tim Bolton

My personal take.... And again I could be wrong it has been know to happen... Once.... ONCE! LOL I kid I kid... Speaking of... Kids these days get medals and trophies for competing not winning. Now good and bad.... Yes god to make kids know it's about the game and the fun, but at same time I personally feel they need to know what it feels like not to have everything beautiful with roses on top. Reality is life kicks you down and if we don't prepare our kids for failures and how to pick them selves up and try again VS them coming to the real world.... Trying their hand at it, not succeeding the first try! No million dollars, no easy money, no easy jobs, failed in interview and the determen their self worth not to be much as they are not used to failure. Note over 80% of today's individuals have settles for a lesser jobs that doesn't not involve their college degree.... Why? They give up and settle. So no I think you give credit where credit is due!