Lil Spill

November 1, 2013

Southern Eagle in New Orleans just picked up Coyote Ugly Whisky. Bam. I am so happy that my local bar will start carrying it soon!!! I have Lee going to San Diego. We are starting to move forward. It would be incredible to have a New Years Eve Opening. ( Cross Fingers)
I am in the ” you embarrass me” stage of parenting. ‘ MOM I don’t want you coming to the halloween block party.” Halloween was always our favorite holiday! And how the Fuck did I become more embarrassing then his dad? ” Mom you and dad don’t need to go to my cross country meet.” ” TOO FUCKING BAD, I am coming.” And yes to all the parents out there, I did curse when saying that. My parents came to nothing. I grew up without any support. I don’t care if he wants us to go or not we are going!! The teenage years are just ramping up. My son is actually easy in comparison to the stories I hear from other parents.
I am set for Nepal. I have all my gear ready. Now I am getting supplements that I am hoping will help me with energy and recovery. 2 goals: 1. Enjoy the magical experience. I can’t wait to go to some buddhist temples. I may even take a yoga class in Kathmandu. 2. Don’t come in dead last every day. That’s it. Very simple. I started drinking Beet Juice yesterday. Supposedly is helps bring oxygen to the muscles in a faster more efficient way. I figured it can’t hurt.
Kevin is obsessed with altitude sickness. ” Lil did you know that at high altitudes you can get an aneurism ?” We just think differently. I have no doubt I will be a bit sick from the altitude but I am not going to worry about it. I have my altitude sickness pills. I will be fine. ” Lil did you buy special Helicopter evacuation insurance.” NO. It’s just crazy. The only worries I have are finishing. Hoping my body can hold up to so many miles with no injuries. I also worry about the cold. I know I get very cold easily especially after running.At high altitudes it will be very cold. So I am hoping I prepared for that. That’s it. Those are my worries.
That’s all I have got!
Daniel seems to be our buffer. Other then his mother ” having a bad feeling” He is excited and anxious to go.

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