Lil Spill

November 4, 2013

Yes the lawyers have ruined my Lil Spill. ” Lil you can’t write that it opens you up to liable claims.” ” Lil you can’t write that because it will alert one of the agencies.” ” Lil you hurt my feelings.” My lil spills have gotten so boring!!!! Why can’t I write ” she got fired for eating another girl out during her shift in the bathroom.”? Or why can’t I write ” He got fired for trying to take bribes at the door.” or ” She couldn’t come into work today because there is hostage situation with her child and her ex.”? or ” he put a mask over his face and held the bar up at gunpoint?” When I write my book all these stories will be in it!!!
At the manager’s seminar, Jeff the company lawyer, actually asked the manager’s to be more professional in how they write the logs. I look forward to the funny logs. I love the crazy shit they say. URGH.
My gratitude goes out to Lizzie and Chantel today. I am meeting them in a little while to go over the new dances. They put so much love and energy into the choreography.

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One of the better Lil Spills I've read. It's not like the early ones where language was truly colorful. But it contained the words "When I write my book". Don't leave it to long. Get it done. I wan't to read it. By the way if I'd done as other people had told me then my life would have been very safe, correct, trouble free and as boring as all shit! Fuck-em! Do what you want and chance the consequenses.


I'll testify for you again. Judges love me.

michael mallon

We live in a very litigious age...