Lil Spill

October 27, 2013

14 years ago today the best thing in my life arrived! Jackson is 14 today. Time flies. ( the first 4 years seemed like eternity but after year 4 the time flew). I am so thankful for him. He gives me purpose in life. He is truly unique. Intensely intelligent. Such a dry sense of humor that not all people get it. Joyful at the little things. He’s growing up into a complex young man.
Yesterday Jackson invited a friend over and I was asked to stay in my room while they played video games. I thought I was the cool mom? LOL Today we are going to a soup kitchen to view socio cultural trends for a school project. Be interesting to see what he sees.
I am grateful to Tommy today. Yesterday he played a prank on Daniel that had Daniel freaking out for a few minutes. Tommy told Daniel that an investor came into the Key West bar. The rest of the prank involved confidencial business documents. Daniel was freaking out! He bought it hook , line, and sinker. Priceless.

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I had a great time celebrating my 21st birthday at Coyote Ugly in Tampa :) it was a blast, it is one of my favorite bars!!! the only thing that sucks is that if i want to go to Coyote Ugly i either have to drive to Tampa or Key West; i would LOVE to have one open in Orlando or the Orlando/Sanford area!!! it would be fantastic so my favorite bar would be closer :)