Lil Spill

October 19, 2013

What an incredible seminar. Daniel, Tommy, Lee, Chantel, Marsha, and all the other managers did an excellent job. I learned so much. There was one point that Tommy was giving an excel tutorial and I realized that for years I have been doing the equations the tedious way. Of course Chantel speaks up ” Lil taught me how to do it so I have been doing it the long way for 12 years.” Lol Well it might be the long way but at least it wasn’t the wrong way. We cover so much in these seminars. Back of the house, quickbooks . Legal. Human Resources. Training. Analysing P and Ls. Really its so much information. I always laugh at some of the topics brought up by the managers. ” If a person brings in a dog that has a vest that says Human Support Dog can they come in?” ” If a transvestite walks in and wants the specialty pricing for ladies night, is that allowed?” Lol
Lee arranged two liquor and beer education classes. The liquor class was taught by Francesco La Franconi. This man is considered the number one mixologist in the world. We learned so much. We sampled twenty different spirits. Really fun and educational. The beer knowledge class was taught by Sam Merritt. He is a world famous Ciserone ( beer sommalier). OMG he is funny as hell. He taught us about beer giving us some high end samples. What a cool person. As we are learning about a french ale/cider he is talking about drinking Pabst Blue ribbon at a tailgate party.( A bit of a side note. Tahnee ( gm NY) told us that mixing a shot of George Dickle into a cider is called a Dick in Cider. Very nice Tahnee!.) When I download my pictures and videos I will start posting them. Great job everyone!

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