Lil Spill

October 12, 2013

What’s worse, running a half marathon when you feel like crap or walking into Saks and asking for the gas masks you left there?
Well on a good note I ran the first 6 miles incredibly well for me. Then last night’s steak, sweet potatoes, chocolate and wine were spinning round. I did the first 3 miles in 27 minutes. Pretty good for me since I am slow. I got to 6 miles in 57 minutes again pretty solid . Even mile 7 was good hitting it at 1:07. But at mile 8 the ab cramps from eating too much and exercising set in. I finished the race in 2:18 minutes , 8 minutes more then what I was hoping. Lesson learned don’t go to Morton’s with Judy the night before a race.
Me:” excuse me I left a bag here.”
Male employee:” oh it was unusual what we found in the bag so we stored it in the office.
Me: ” I know it must of seemed strange to see a bag with two gas masks.”
Male emplyee: ” I would never ask about the personal lives of our customers .”
All of a sudden it hit me. He didn’t think I was a terrorist, he thought this was a sexual sadist thing. 1 gas mask might of been suspicious but 2 gas masks well that’s an orgy in the making.
Amber’s wedding tomorrow!

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