Lil Spill

October 16, 2013

In Vegas for our annual Coyote Ugly managers seminar. Last night we had our first exercise. Interesting what they come up with today about last night’s observations. 17 female managers here and 6 male managers. It’s been a while since the women outnumbered the men! I am taking all the woman out for wine. Tonight. Today will be a long day of accounting, human resources, and legal workshops. But I am excited. I learn a lot as well.
Now let me talk about the gorgeous creature I helped find the gym. I was going to the gym this morning and this man asked me to show him the way. Think of Ryan Philippe add 5 years about 4 inches and bigger shoulders. As he spoke I realized I was giggling. Really? Is this a time warp and I am 16? Lol. Well good motivation to run faster on the treadmill. Ok off to work.

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