Lil Spill

October 11, 2013

It’s always Chantel! So yet again I am signed up for a race. Doing the Jazz half marathon tomorrow. Well after her and I met and picked up our race packets I took a detour. I stopped at Canal Shops and went shopping then low and behold Judy was available to hang out. I just drank three wines, ate a steak, had sweet potato au gratin, and had Chocolate mouse. I feel like complete crap. I am supposed to run the half marathon with my backpack on and a gas mask ( train for Nepal). ( by the way sorry Joe, Chantel’s Swat Team husband, I left the gas masks at Saks. OMG they must of thought it was some kind of terrorist thing. But they called me to verify that they had them)” Really what the fuck. I am an idiot! ” Hi I am here to pick up my two gas masks. Yes that’s right two. I wanted to wear them both out and see which one fit best.” OMG I am going to sound like a psycho tomoorow.
I would be shocked if I actually ran the whole thing tomorrow. I feel Like Chunk from the movie Goonies! Tomorrow will suck. I will finish but damn if I run the whole thing then I am super human because my full fat ass doesn’t want to do anything. But it’s for Children’s hospital so walk or run it’s for a good cause! ( my god that chocolate mouse was good)
kudos to Denver. Just got your P and L. Good job!!!

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You packed everything into this one. Would the real Liliana please stand up! Shopoholic / glutton / Chocoholic / feels like crap / terrorist / idiot / psycho / a goonie / super human / fat ass (I disagree, more womanly)/ indolent (doesn’t want to do anything) / cherub (does stuff for a good cause). After this I'm a little bewildered.