Lil Spill

August 18, 2013

Yesterday. ” Kevin you are such a good friend for coming to New Orleans to cheer me up.” Cut to 7 am this morning being woken up to pounding on the front door. ” Kevin why are you outside with no shirt and no shoes?” Let’s just say that Kevin, Leslie and I hit Bourbon St like tourists last night. Wine, Vodka shots, hurricanes, Karoake, The Dungeon. The only thing we didn’t do was go to a strip club. Thank god I wasn’t drunk when we were at Coyote. I hate making a fool of myself at my own bar. This morning Leslie called. “Does Kevin know how to sail?” I don’t think so. ” He joined my sailing crew for a regata out of Key West and so did you.” I don’t know how to sail. In fact I actually get sea sick from swimming some times. ” Lil you promised.” Can’t I look pretty and root from shore?
Matthew a bouncer in New Orleans is joining us at the Sandestin Triathlon!!!

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