Lil Spill

August 20, 2013

So sad Darryl, a New Orleans bouncer , just lost his wife. I feel so bad for him. On the same day our long time bud rep, Jimmy for the New Orleans bar, passed away as well. Sad sad day.
Tomorrow Lizzie, Tommy, and Daniel will show up to sleep at my house before we all set off to Destin on Thursday. That’s it. I took my last practice swim today.Let’s do this shit! I think I am going to wear a set of goggles that are a hybrid regular goggle and snorkle goggle. Please no sharks and no jelly fish!!!

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Jason Karvelat

Lil I was a regular when I lived in NOLA from 06-08 and had so many good times with you and your staff. i can't remember if they worked there then but please pass along my condolences to their families and friends. I hope to be in town for a visit at the end of October and you will be my first stop.


Liliana, please can we have a picture of you modeling your goggles.