Lil Spill

August 13, 2013

Milwaukee, good job last night! Going to push back Key West anniversary a few weeks. Postponed Bucharest opening. Trying to get things lined up properly .
There are some crazy things going on in San Antonio. One of the neighboring restaurants is trying to pull some shit with us. ” dude, do you realize that if we didn’t do so well you wouldn’t have any customers? If it wasn’t for the spill over that we provide you, you would be out of business. And lets face facts your food isn’t going to be on the Food Network anytime soon.”
Right now I am sitting in the waiting room while my son and his friend get their first facials. I knew that the only way Jackson would go is if his friend went as well. 1. What do you want to accomplish at this facial? My son’s answer. ” get my mom off my back.” Lol
Is it normal to have indentations from swim goggles for 24 hours? Yesterday we all received , via Kristina , an article about Destin having sharks in the water. Add it to the list of worries for this triathlon.
“Miss Lovell we canceled your birth control prescription because you answered the intake questionaire with a cautionary answer.” I had one migraine last year that was accompanied with vision sensitivity and you canceled my birth control. Unfucking believable!

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I love the way Lil says it how it is...I want to meet her, sounds like we r sisters from another mother!!!


“Miss Lovell we cancelled your birth control prescription because you answered the intake questionnaire with a cautionary answer.” I agree - Unfucking believable! The chance of a migraine with vision sensitivity increases with ageing. And is easily avoided by having even defused lighting in your home, no hotspots or strong contrasts, and avoid wearing sunnies when outside. Use a hat. Get it checked by an Ophthalmologist. Personal experience.