Lil Spill

August 15, 2013

Had a full physical yesterday. 3 hours. I have never had such an indepth exam. The first hour was just the intake questions. ” so why don’t you know , with certainty , how your maternal grandmother died?” Can I answer that my mother is a bit weird. ” Miss Lovell please explain?” Well my mother and I were on the phone last year and she was stating that her mother was a pretty smoker. I replied that no one is a pretty smoker . After that my mother changed my grandmother’s death from emphysema to an obstructed colon. So I believe she may have lied but I am not 100% sure. I couldn’t make this up!
I was given a bone density scan. With this machine they can find out your true fat percentage. The doctor read the results ” from the waist up your fat percentage is that of a competitive athlete. Sorry Miss Lovell but your butt raises your overall fat percentage. ” Again my mothers fault. Lol

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Wow Liliana your but is so big! Looks fine in the various pics you've posted of late. Have you looked at recent Russian Rhythmic Gymnasts, Evgenia Kanaeva for instance. Beautiful, all of them! But what a path she’s taken to get there. She’s 23 and just married. Lets see what just one pregnancy does with her.