Lil Spill

August 9, 2013

I am awed and so grateful for all the people in our Coyote Ugly family that have sent my family such beautiful wishes, flowers , and food. I am truly thankful.
My dad didn’t want a service of any kind but we decided to invite the neighbors over since they have been so kind. Kevin found a Latin food place and helped organize catering. Delicious! There were at least 40 neighbors who came over and had personal stories about my dad and mom. At one point, I looked around and realized ” shit if I die tomorrow not one neighbor is coming to my house.” So my pledge is that when I move to San Diego I will cease my NY scrounge demeanor and meet the neighbors. One of the neighbors told me that she was so close to getting my father to have a glass of wine the night before he died. Not sure how that would of effected him? I was shocked that everything went well yesterday. Only one bout of crazy. Unfortunately this continues today.
Me” mom we need to go to the bank and start closing some of dads accounts.”
Mom: ” no we need to get Coco ( dog) groomed.”
Mom: ” Liliana tell Petsmart that your dad died so they can squeeze Coco in today.”
Me: ” I am not playing the death card with Freaking Petsmart.”
My sister and I were laughing so hard. Her husband owns a company called Stay on Line. They make custom power cords. They do quite well. The florist had delivered two bouquets of flowers. One was gorgeous white roses and the other was a small vase of quaint flowers. When my brother in law came to my Mom’s house my sister said ” Jim, see these gorgeous roses? Those are from Jeff at Coyote Ugly. See these small pathetic vase of flowers? Those are from your company.” The joke continues because the various managers from our bars have been sending gorgeous arrangements.
Again thanks everyone. ” I will groom the fucking dog! “imageimage

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Hello Liliana, glad to read you’re smoothing your Mum’s path with a nice clean dog. Correct order of things, dog first bank later. Looking at the picture of you and your Dad it’s easy to see a family resemblance. You definitely have your Dad’s nose.