Lil Spill

August 7, 2013

Death seems to be all around me. My dad has not eaten one bite in 3 weeks. Dying holds no dignity. The fables of aging gracefully and dying being peaceful are not always true. I have been reading a book called The Faults of our Stars. In the book the protagonist is a teenage cancer patient ( mandatory book reading for 8th graders). The main character reads this one book over and over. The ending of this book is a sentence that is not finished. You do not find out what happens to the various characters. That’s it. the book she loves ends with no real resolution. But that’s the truth. People die everyday and life goes on. Today the police searched my neighborhood for a gunman. Had he stopped at my house and shot me ( yes I would of died pissed) , life would of continued. The parents in pennsylvania that married for their dying son, held their son while he died today. I can’t truly understand their misery but life will continue. Daniel and I went to dinner tonight. We spoke about every bar in the system including bars we haven’t opened yet. Then of course we spoke about the upcoming triathlon. When I got home to face my next trip, I thought about my dad and how he went to the doctor . They told him how his cancer had spread and he literally went home to die. I feel great physically. Other then a few issues at work my life is outstanding. If I was told tomorrow that I was going to die. I think I would still do this triathlon. I know it might seem simplistic but I want to keep challenging myself. OK 3 wines with Daniel and I am getting mushy. Sorry. New topic.
Of course A Rod took steroids. He’s obviously off of them now that’s why he looks like shit. Save the money prosecuting him, this isn’t rocket science

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Alicia Bergero

Let me start off by saying I am so sorry about your father and I am sending positive energy your way. Good for you about the Triathalon. Now..... dancing on your Bar is on my bucket list, I have wanted to do this for a long time I weigh 223 and I am 5"5 1/2 I will be coming in on 9/13/13 and hopefully will be down to 208 or under wish me luck ;)