Lil Spill

July 14, 2013

2nd Tough Mudder accomplished! We started out with 22 people on our team but because of the Kiev opening and injuries only 17 people showed up yesterday . ( and Mac missed 2 planes. I won’t even speak about that ) completely different experience then the Las Vegas Tough Mudder. The terrain in Tahoe was brutal. The first 5 miles were up hill. We had to walk a lot of it because of how steep the inclines were. After about 3 miles I acclimated to the altitude but there was so much dust in the air. I swear I felt like a coal miner with black lung. Definitely a much rougher course. But the Las Vegas Tough Mudder had harder obstacles ( except electric eel). Wondering if lawsuits made them change some of the obstacles ? By the way ,getting shocked in the forehead while crawling in muddy water really hurts.
Really proud of our team! We came in almost last and we took almost 7 hours to complete the course but everyone did their best. It was so inspiring! I am proud of everyone .

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The planes – you could at least say something like “the trip here Delta blow to Mac’s arrival” Winners – Where the hell would winners be without those tough enough to be “Lasters”! Long live the tail end.