Lil Spill

July 8, 2013

Congrats Ernie on your brand new son, Samuel. A beautiful family.
Back to work. Kevin and I found a great spot in San Diego for Coyote. Lets see if we can nab this one before someone else does.
I am confused by the managers saying ” great night” then I open the log to see horrific numbers. Now I do put importance on effort, but great night means better numbers. Is this like an April fool’s joke? I still haven’t opened all the logs from the last few days. In New Orleans there was Essence fest which means the bar sucked. I should probably open those first because the other bars have got to be better. NY is one of the steadiest bars in the system. Lets just say I was shocked by last nights horrific numbers. ” where’s Ashton. I must be getting punked.”
Ok heading home today. Ready to see my little man.

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