Lil Spill

July 10, 2013

Lee: ” I hope none of us get altitude sickness in Tahoe”
Me: ” I will bring my oxygen machine”
Lee: ” WTF”
Me: ” I saw it in sky mall. I couldn’t resist.”
Daniel just sent pictures of the new bar in the Ukraine. My god its beautiful. They always do such a nice job. This is when I wish there was teleportation. Beam right to the opening.
There is a forest fire somewhere in the vicinity of Tahoe. Supposedly it wont effect the Tough Mudder. Working on Mexico a little bit today. Let’s see what happens.
Why can’t I just go shopping and drink martinis like most adult women? All these competitions are killing me. 1. My body always aches 2. It’s becoming a job organizing training, events, and nutrition ( Hell no , I am not giving up wine) 3. I am hemorrhaging money. For the last month I have been obsessed with finding the perfect sports bra. I have bought no less then 20 in the last month hoping to find one that is the true big breasted woman’s savior in the triathlon. Sadly, I am still searching.

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