Lil Spill

July 5, 2013

Most of the bars sucked last night. According to my standards . ” really you needed one more girl ? Is your staff handicapped and can’t serve more then ten people all night ?” When I look at the numbers and see comments like that I think 2 things 1. If you are a manager get behind the bar and help out! 2. You need to teach your girls how to bartend better because a chimp can be by themselves doing a better job.
San Diego is beautiful . But I have done exhaustive research and the two public schools in the New Orleans area are ranked quite high nationally. And my son’s private school has many more accreditations then any school out here . Go figure ? Jackson’s dad just called me ( 50times) ” Liliana your goal is for Jackson to go to Berkley for college . I will fucking kill myself if we stay in New Orleans . I will research an incredible school in SD”

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This is a little harder to do, but check the percentage of throughput of students entering and leaving college. Some schools are really good at getting kids into college but there they fail as college requires, as I’m sure you know, the student to their own work. Throughput is a good measure of just how well a school prepares its students to work on their own.