Lil Spill

July 4, 2013

Woke up today and I said to myself ” stop being so ridiculous. Get your ass back to the airport and head to San Diego. So low and behold I am on a layover in Atlanta right now. ” Kevin you want to do a half marathon in SD on Sunday? ” He’s in! Haven’t run more then 2-5 miles in months so I have 3 days to train. Lol it’s called the superheroes costume half marathon. What should I wear? A d what should I convince Kevin to wear? Told my son’s dad that I just registered for this event and I am a bit concerned that I haven’t trained and there will be hills. ( no hills in New Orleans). His response. ” you are a psycho. Psycho trumps hills”

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Going in a costume as a superheroe! Why don't you go as a movie character. Go as Lil from Coyote Ugly. All you'll need is a blond wig and some Coyote gear. Easy!