Lil Spill

July 3, 2013

Ok vacation is not off to a good start. I booked Jackson to fly to Raleigh to visit my family. I booked US Air, worst airline ever. We get to the check in desk and they inform me that they only allow an unaccompanied minor on direct flights so he can’t go because he has a connection . ” so why the fuck did you sell me the ticket?” So I had to scramble to get him on another flight. But he is going through Orlando and now I am nervous. Now my flight is delayed and I won’t make my connection . I may just belly up to the bar at this point.
Now the positive is that everyone has acknowledged my vacation except for Kevin. But I expected that . He’s only called me twice . Lol guess what Kevin , if I don’t make my connection in Atlanta I am coming over. Better have some wine ready!” Tough Mudder next week

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