Lil Spill

July 1, 2013

Has the apocalypse happened? I received an email from Daniel basically saying “I know how it feels to be burnt out. I will only call you if everything is perfect ( so that’s a definite NO CALL) or one of the bars burns down ( please no jinx).” Actually nice to get a nice message from him. It took a long time but Daniel and I are very close now. He’s family. Our Russian partners had changed the Ukraine bar opening several times. While the guilt weighs heavy on me I am not going to the actual opening. I will go in September instead. Daniel and the american staff will have fun. My god they are always so gracious to us. They take us to dinner. We go out for drinks. Jeff and I usually like touristy events. We even went to a strip club in St Petersberg. And last but not least they even buy Daniel McDonalds. Good Luck, have fun.

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Feeling the effect of reality on your life. 2 thingscome to mind about my time crossing the Russian Republic; 1, Russian chips are definitely odd; 2, Liliana Lovell opened a bar in St Perersburg one day after I left that wonderful city.