Lil Spill

June 28, 2013

He finally did it! Lee pushed me to my breaking point. Last Friday I landed from OKC with a call from Lee ” did you look at the calendar images?” The next morning ” do you have your calendar picks ready? ” Finally on Sunday I said to Lee that I was feeling a bit burnt out and I would have it all done Friday the 27th by 5 pm. That was Sunday. He has not let up on me all week . He has not only called me at least once a day ( sometimes twice) the incessant texting about the calendar has been overwhelming. Today, I was at a class with Jackson. When I got to the car there was a voicemail from Lee and several text messages. The last one being ” your stunned silence is reassuring.” That’s it! It’s Friday, it’s not 5 pm. I have finished 5 girls and I had plenty of time to finish the rest. I went berserk ! What part of I am a bit burnt out give me till Friday didn’t he understand? Well now I am fucking done. I sent Chantel a text asking her to take over. Had Lee not badgered me till my breaking point he would have it all done by 5 pm central time. Now he will have to wait for Chantel to look at the 4000 images. ” sorry Chantel “.
I am taking off July 3rd-7th. I have decided that I will not answer any work calls or emails. I need a break.

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U get so rest happy 4july tell one to katrin


Well Done Lil! I once had a responsible position. I was repeatedly badgered by a salesman, a Mr Me First. I got sick of him. I cleared myself of really urgent stuff then my scheduled stuff then made sure my time was free – all the time telling Mr Me First I would be straight onto it. The boss heard how uncooperative I was. He spoke to me. Mr Me First was sacked.