Lil Spill

June 4, 2013

My bedroom is inundated with flying termites. I told a friend this morning that its like living an episode of fear factor every night. I moved into the guest room last night. Who knew that the mattress in the quest room was so comfy?
Lee loves to show off his family, as he should . His wife Dre, is super gorgeous and incidentally kind and nice. They have been doing P90x and running intervals. He sent me a picture of her in a bikini. My first reaction was to gag because she is so perfect but then the lightbulb hit!” Lee, lets make Dre the Coyote Ugly fitness model and enter her in competitions. ” I have to do a little leg work but I think we can venture into this world. ( when I say we I mean
On the other side of the equation I said to my Triathlon trainer ” all these tri shorts and cycling shorts make me look fat. ” his response ” I wanted to talk to you about that. I think you are eating too much.” Lol. I am not fat god damn it, just thunder thighed! Chantel and I do have the biggest boobs in the triathlon world. That’s a plus!

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