Lil Spill

June 1, 2013

Last night the staff in OKC closed the bar down and sequestered themselves and the customers in the areas of the bar that they felt safest. The worry and the responsibility is so great. I spoke to Lizzie ( gm) today about the fear I have if something happens to anyone . There was a family walking around Bricktown with no place to go so the staff let them come in and ride out the tornados in the bar . I felt this deep responsibility for this child. It’s so scary. This is nuts. I am seriously thinking of postponing the anniversary party till we are a bit further out of tornado season. Not sure.
Last night I saw Daniel at the Coyote in New Orleans. He looks better then I have ever seen him. He is running every day and looks great. He is doing the San Diego International Triathlon with me at the end of the month. So Proud of him. The company is really on a health kick. I love finding out about employees making such positive changes in their lives. Running, biking, crossfit. Its inspiring.

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