Lil Spill

June 27, 2013

This is Tommy’s concession video to me from our anniversary party challenge. Lol. The bet was that I took three bars and he took three bars. The winner was the person who not only grossed the most cumulatively on their appointed bars’ anniversary party nights. But also which parties were most fun. I was the clear winner. ( he is bombed in this video)

Daniel why on earth are you face timing me?” ” Lil, Tommy and I are out on our new boat and thought it would be cool to FaceTime you while having a drink showing you how beautiful Lake Travis is.” ” Daniel , I only face time Jackson and that’s rarely.” ( For accuracy, I did allow a date to FaceTime me once. ” babe, you know what I look like. “His response was “make sure you don’t have any buggers in your nose and put on some makeup if you want cause we are face timing. ” I took it the other direction, I wore no makeup and had on my pjs. I guess it went well cause we dated a few times after that. )

It was funny that Tommy and Daniel had every intention to practice swimming but they haven’t bought an anchor for their boat yet and felt concerned that the boat might float away. Good for them!

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