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Lil Spill

April 3, 2013

We just received our official Tough Mudder start time and entry packet. Saturday April 13th, start time 11:20 am. Not sure how I feel about that. I do better in the morning . I hope the Death Valley sun doesn’t cause a problem . That’s right we are racing in Death Valley!
Kevin made our team name Coyote Killer. I was surprised because he is so vulgar most of the time . I was expecting The Ugly Enemas ( one obstacle is called the arctic enema) or Coyote Castration. So our team name is pretty tame by his standards. Lol
Something clicked today. Fuck it! I can do it! If I fall in ice water and get electricuted going through the various obstacles , so be it ! I can only imagine crying if I break my
Other foot or fall face first while running through fire . Perhaps a gaping wound . Actually now that I think about it, there are many things that might make me cry . But I am fucking finishing even if I am crying like a baby !
I will be in Destin tomorrow night . It’s only 5 hours from Nola and this will be my first time . Friday night will be my last drink before the Mudder.
Thanks Jeremy for making our Drifit TM Tshirts !

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