Lil Spill

April 2, 2013

Jeff: I am back from vacation so I have scheduled our Nashville call for tomorrow .
Me: I am still away tomorrow . Jackson is off this week.
Let me decode this conversation. Everyone always has to go around Jeff’s schedule . If his wife sneezes then he cancels trips and appointments but god forbid you actually want a life too.
Two f… Therapy sessions and every thing I do is dysfunctional. I keep going through everything she said as well as how I live and I realize she’s presenting me with a very dim picture.
I think I have a very solid relationship with my son. I don’t believe that is dysfunctional. Urgh.
My Romantic relationships : dysfunctional ( ok fine, maybe yes)
My shopping for shoes: dysfunctional ( really, they bring me happiness)
My eating habits: dysfunctional ( why? I eat a lot I just exercise to compensate)
My Exercising : dysfunctional ( because I don’t know how to relax and give myself a break) so the fat , lazy Lil would be healthier mentally ?
The list goes on.

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Rod Henman

Lil, my oppinion is, for what it's worth is - 'You're in a bad relationship now! Get out of it.' Have you ever bothered to read the CUS's 'Lil Spill' blog? You should. It's written by, and all about, a really succesful woman. Full of worldly wisdom. Regarding "Deb says:" "When the right guy comes along, you will be successful romantically. He’s just not here yet. Be patient!!!" Ring up Liz Gilbert and have a chat with her. Cost a lot less.

Sherri McFadden

I agree with Deb. Forget all the damn therapy, they are just out to get your money. Lil, just go by your instincts and common sense. It will get you through each day instead of having someone tell you how you should feel or thinking. Not rocket science hon.


Why do you waste your money on are more normal and well rounded (not physically) than anyone I've met. You are a successful business woman and mother. Does anything else really matter. When the right guy comes along, you will be successful romantically. He's just not here yet. Be patient!!!