Lil Spill

April 4, 2013

” Leel ( lil) I wish I had patented the technology for a Yeti coola ( Cooler). ” ” Leel you could put your beer in that god damn coola for a week and it would never go Warm.” This is the conversation between Chantel, Schmitty ( one of the investors in the Destin bar) and myself. Of course Chantel chimed in. ” my husband tried to win a Yeti cooler through a radio contest.” I had absolutely no idea that this incredible cooler existed. I can make fun . In fact , most of America can make fun. But I believe in my heart that it will be the rednecks with the Yeti coolas that will survive after some apocalyptic event.
I texted my old boyfriend Trey immediately because in the past he would act as the translator in these situations .” Trey, they keep talking about Yeti coolers and that the name Angie is synonymous with white trash . Trey texted me immediately ” omg the Yeti cooler is the best. And Damnit ANGIE GET ME A GOD DAMN BEER.” I am always learning something in this business.
Sorry that I couldn’t make the Milwaukee anniversary. I feel horrible about that. But I couldn’t fit the Destin opening and the anniversary into the same couple of days.
Destin girls are very good looking and they have a fiddle player. Have to love that.
If the Yeti Cooler marketed a limited edition of the Mossy Oak Yeti Cooler there would be lines for days in front of Bass Pro Shop to get this cooler. It would be like the gas lines after Katrina. Damn I need to start red necking my thoughts to come up with something great!

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