Lil Spill

April 6, 2013

The Destin bar rocked last night! What a great space. It was an old stand alone building that housed a BBQ place. As a Coyote it has the feel of a roadhouse. Love it. Outside they have dueling mechanical bulls. Really cool layout. The girls were fabulous. You want motivation to lose weight, go to Destin. 99 % of the staff have washboard abs. I have a decent stomach but I woke up today thinking, I need to up my game.
Good Luck Destin, congrats. Heading home!!
( fun to see Chantel bartending most of the night. Haven’t seen her in action like that in a long time. Brought back memories)

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Thanks so much for coming out! I don't care what you say bout your abs you were ridiculously HOTT!!!! Half the girls didn't believe it was really you haha! Please come see us again, we of course loved having you! Good luck kickin ass in Tough Mudder! ~Lura