Damn Kevin! I got a mailed toll ticket from when he was driving through Florida. Don’t think we can fight it since the pictures have the Coyote truck and trailer going through the booth. Lol
I was invited to a friends house to watch the game. Her and her male friend invited me to a Latin dance club afterwards. I was the third wheel at first then I had a flurry of men asking me to dance. I really got good at salsa and meringue last night.( not sure which is which ) I was a dancing machine. Fun

I was a little irked at a couple of our managers this morning. I told Jackson and his friend Gabe about a stupid mistake they made. That just got the morning conversation going.
Gabe ” I get called retard and little shit at school
Jackson ” yes we get called tards and turds”
Jackson said that the other day this girl pushed another girl in class. His teacher said ” I know why you pushed her because I want to push her too but you just can’t do that.”
I have been laughing so hard !

I was told by my son’s friends that all the ” Emo Girls” are attracted to Jackson. I am guessing Emo is a goth/punk type girl. He’s got long hair and he’s artsy. Kind of makes sense. I told him ” dude, I love your long hair but by having it you are definitely going to attract a certain type. Unless we move to California” .
Lee is manning our booth at a trade show in Calgary. I got a text from him. ” this show is dead and out of the 10 people who have actually come to our booth 6 of them had limps.” A bit of a strange demographic. Lol

Don’t get two Latin sisters together when their mother is crazy. It went from ” I can’t believe mom did that .” To ” remember when we were little mom did….” Definitely a bitch fest.
San Antonio crushing all the bars last night. Key West second. Denver third. Good Wednesday for all the bars.
I got nothing

The beauty about traveling for work is that you frequently get upgraded. About 2-3 months ago I moved from a Delta gold skymiles member to platinum elite! I am on my flight, using the on board Internet . Chilling with a Blue moon beer!
Last night I sent some friends emails asking for pictures from the early years of the NY bar. So far I have received about 10 pictures. But out of those 10 pictures, 6 of them have people drinking Pabst in cans. I think Pabst needs to sponsor the 20 year anniversary party! Ok I will work on that. Going to Park City, Utah. Great day.

Jackson’s old school doesn’t have an 8th grade. The moms need to find schools that have middle schools continuing onto high school or switch for just 1 year before high school. One of the Mom’s told me that she might home school for 1 year. My response ” I would cut myself with a million razors before I would home school . But that’s just me.”
Happy Birthday Marsha.

Hot damn Austin is rocking this week. Plus a shout out to New Orleans and NY for having killer Sundays. Man my bars Rock. Today I met Chantel for coffee . Of course it was right after her weekly meetings with our accountants. ” Lil the bars need to update their quick books to the latest version. Daniel is going to bitch about it but they have to.” Literally 5 minutes after she said that I see an email from Daniel to the accountants about why they need to spend the money on the newer version. I loved the email to the gm’s that he sent making sure they used student credentials for better pricing . That’s what I love about Daniel! Now Kevin on the other hand will call ” tell Daniel that he needs to buy the more expensive unit. How is he saving money when you have to upgrade every year.” Oh he’s cheap.
Lastly he sent me a text ” can I go to the Nashville anniversary?” Dude you are the Director of Operations for all the bars, you can go to all the anniversaries.
Again I love that about him.

Woke up achy and sick. I swear I just haven’t been a hundred percent since Romania. All that god damn smoke! So during the hurricane I activated my facebook account so I could communicate with Tahnee ( NY GM) and some of the other employees. Today I called Tommy ( regional and GM Austin). Please help me! People post pictures on my page. How can I stop that? Why do people who get fired want to friend me? Fuck it. Just call or email me if you are really a friend.
Look up this freaky girl , Valerie Lukyanova. Why on god’s green earth would you do that to yourself? But now I am fascinated.

Nothing like cuddling in bed with my son watching The Omen! Poor kid came home sick yesterday from school. Homeacation is over. Since I gotten back from Key West I have taken a self imposed break. After months of working and traveling I needed a few weeks home. Well every night that Jackson has been with his dad I have gone out. Mostly just dinner with friends , which in itself is a positive but add the massive bottles of wine and the negative starts happening . I had this idea that if things come in threes I was very lucky. 1. Saints won 2. My president was reelected. So according to the rule of things happening in 3’s I decided to parlay my good fortune by gambling at Harrahs. Well that didn’t pan out.
Sitting in my car in front of the track trying to will myself to run . It’s so cold! Ok I need to get my fat ass out there.

A map of the country that illustrates the electoral votes is due today for Jackson’s history class. Had to wake up at 5:30 since he wasn’t awake to see the outcome of the election.
I am 2-0 this week. If you include the Saints awesome win Monday night! Ok coffee is needed

This is a nail biter. Jackson said I was upsetting him because I was too nervous. Our little company has had its best 4 quarters in the history of Coyote Ugly currently. 5 years ago, Jeff, Lee, Kevin, and I had to take pay cuts. Add on women’s rights. Do the math and you know who I am voting for.
Regardless , great day to be an american. This is when you feel the power of your vote.

It is definitely a good day to be an american. I don’t care who you vote for . Its such an honor to vote. I am proud.
Woke up to an email from Maya in NYC how Mac ( gm Memphis) told her to change some things. WHOA! Don’t listen to him. “Damn Mac, I told you not to Disneyfy my NYC bar!” urgh
I watched Domenic for about an hour today. ( chantel’s infant). He was so easy. I called Jackson’s dad ” I had no idea that Jackson was so much harder then other kids as an infant. ” Damn I should of used a pacifier. That could of given me hours of better sleep the first year.

I woke up a tad slow today. I love that Mac is so happy helping at the NY bar. So nice to hear the appreciation of Coyote’s roots.
This is a 2 coffee day. Definitely

NY bar just got power! I sent Mac from Memphis there to help so now there will be a real celebration. Kevin had a friend driving a generator to NY. Trying to turn him around.
Oh I am so happy! Thanks to NY staff for being so devoted to the bar . And of course all the awesome regulars . Tahnee you rock! So happy .