Christina’s toast : if it smells like fish but tastes like chicken , plug your nose and keep on licking
Kevin’s toast : here’s to pussy and gunpowder . May you love by one and die by the other . And love the smell of both

I am an idiot ! God damn it! Daniel had my phone ! ” well played Daniel, well played ” now I have to change my password. Can’t believe he hacked the Lil Spill.

I am with Christina, Cassie, Daniel , and Kevin watching the Saints game. I am honored and blessed to have such a great team.
I am truly grateful

Tonight at 9 pm we raise a pint to Dale from NY . Today would of been his birthday. RIP
In KEy West. The bar is rocking down here. Welcoming Cassie the new GM.
Unfortunately when Kevin wants to drink we all go down with him. Painful. God knows how many bars we hit after we left Coyote. Last night we took Cassie out for dinner. When the waiter asked for our drink order Kevin ordered for Daniel. It was very ” this is my life partner and I will order for him.”. Then today Daniel ordered a frozen drink at lunch. Hmmmm

Just got off the phone with Marsha. We were hysterical laughing . Not for something that was actually funny but because our company could of had the worst day ever yesterday. Painful. Oklahoma was the worst, followed by Milwaukee. I couldn’t believe that Nashville was at the bottom of the list as well. Thank god for Key West, San Antonio, and NY!
Landing in Key West in a couple of hours. Trying to reconfigure the merch store.
Having a bad hair day but damn my butt looks good in these pants!

Woke up happy. Going to go to bed tired and beat down. Rough work day today. And every bar is doing shitty. ” stop buying presents on line and start supporting your local bars. Memories are made with drinks and friends at Coyote Ugly”
That’s good.
The NY bar is in fucking chaos. Key West is getting a new management team. The Russians are having their own issues. Daniel sounded beat down today. I asked how his vacation was he said ” Lil my phone was ringing all day every day. I haven’t had a day off in months.”
” Daniel you are the Director of Operations now . If you want time off then Tommy and I can field the calls.” It’s hard to let go. It was hard for me. But you have to see the bigger picture sometimes. Regardless I felt bad for him.
Heading to Key West tomorrow. Go Team!

So Daniel and I both downloaded an app that keeps track of all the bars numbers in real time. Every night between 1-4 am it keeps on beeping. Every void, every comp! I have tried to switch the settings but it keeps coming back on. Then the one time it worked I started getting NFL notifications from another app. It’s driving me nuts. ( but I have noticed that New Orleans seems to have the most voids. Katie ?)
I need a regular alarm clock so that I can turn the phone off completely.
Ok so a friend of mine is sporting a full 6 pack. Damn ! So I called a trainer today. I said to him ” your motivation is biggest loser turns into GI Jane” . He nicely said that I wasn’t heavy. ” I know I am not heavy but those heavy people run marathons and I am topping out between 2-3 miles” . Tomorrow is my first day. My friend who recommended him said that she has to take pictures of everything she eats and send it to him. Lol maybe I should get Kevin on the plan. Ever since I told him I would sponsor him to do an Iron Man he has become a fat ass.

” Miss the woman in the next table would like you to stop cursing”
But it’s football. My team just got an interception .
” miss the woman is complaining again about you.”
But I didn’t curse. I cheered! My team scored
At the airport bar watching the Saints game. I am about to get kicked out. I can’t believe this. All my years going to bars and in front of the kids I am going to get kicked out . So I just texted Chantel and said aloud to Jackson. ” excuse me son if I curse during fucking football ”

Momo, Wolf, Magic, Tonto, Baby T. No idea their actual birth names. lol I have always found it endearing when the staff has nicknames. Unfortunately Magic did not work any magic in Nashville cause the numbers sucked. Every bar sucked this weekend. New Orleans , in comparison to normal Saturdays, did alright but still nothing special .
Going to go hiking today then head back to New Orleans. The Key West AM opened the bar late yesterday. ” oh I know about it! Daniel called yesterday.” Can’t tell you how much that pisses me off!
Ok peace and tranquility. Let me refresh in the serene atmosphere of the mountains .

Key West was the only bar that did well yesterday. Ok new day today. Very quiet week. It’s almost creepy. I know it’s a holiday week but when I don’t hear from Jeff, Lee, or Daniel I feel like the apocalypse is upon us.
Going to make a surprise visit next week to one of the bars. Which one shall it be? I am taking an inventory of last year’s New Years resolutions. 1 of them hasn’t come true . Not for lack of trying so I need to approach it in a different way. Business can be tricky. Bull by the horns as they say.
Jackson’s old school asked me to come back and choreograph something new for the Lego league Challenge. Last year they did win Judges’ favorite after I Helped them. Lol

Taking Jackson and Gabe to Park City. ” yo brocacho “. I prefer to be called mom, mommy, or momma. I will even take Dude over brochacho. Plus Brochacho is masculine so perhaps Muchacha or Brachacha.
I give thanks to my friends, family, and staff. We are heading for our best year ever and our team is pretty darn awesome.
Going to refocus this weekend.

Bam just locked in a mortgage for 2.6. That’s crazy! So excited
Chantel issued Daniel an invitation to learn the dances and then get videoed. Part of me would love it and then part of me would be annoyed if he was any good.
I don’t think Marsha has made Daniel do the YouTube video yet. If I recall, Nashville beat the Austin numbers and he was supposed to give a speech about how much of a loser he was. Lol

New day! I was feeling better until I opened the managers logs. Thank god for San Antonio because most of the bars stunk last night. Even Key West has been slow.
I think I want to try cross fit . Going to look into it

Some real soul searching going on tonight. Some scary things happening at my house tonight. Finally called my son and his dad to come over. ( pretty cool that my son is big enough and confident enough to protect me). I realized tonight that the ex boyfriend was never there even when we were dating. He called today and I finally got it ” dude you never cared, ever. Delete my number.” Regardless I deleted his. I need to change some things in my life. I am going to wake up tomorrow as someone new.