Lil Spill

November 13, 2012

Hot damn Austin is rocking this week. Plus a shout out to New Orleans and NY for having killer Sundays. Man my bars Rock. Today I met Chantel for coffee . Of course it was right after her weekly meetings with our accountants. ” Lil the bars need to update their quick books to the latest version. Daniel is going to bitch about it but they have to.” Literally 5 minutes after she said that I see an email from Daniel to the accountants about why they need to spend the money on the newer version. I loved the email to the gm’s that he sent making sure they used student credentials for better pricing . That’s what I love about Daniel! Now Kevin on the other hand will call ” tell Daniel that he needs to buy the more expensive unit. How is he saving money when you have to upgrade every year.” Oh he’s cheap.
Lastly he sent me a text ” can I go to the Nashville anniversary?” Dude you are the Director of Operations for all the bars, you can go to all the anniversaries.
Again I love that about him.

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