Lil Spill

November 9, 2012

Nothing like cuddling in bed with my son watching The Omen! Poor kid came home sick yesterday from school. Homeacation is over. Since I gotten back from Key West I have taken a self imposed break. After months of working and traveling I needed a few weeks home. Well every night that Jackson has been with his dad I have gone out. Mostly just dinner with friends , which in itself is a positive but add the massive bottles of wine and the negative starts happening . I had this idea that if things come in threes I was very lucky. 1. Saints won 2. My president was reelected. So according to the rule of things happening in 3’s I decided to parlay my good fortune by gambling at Harrahs. Well that didn’t pan out.
Sitting in my car in front of the track trying to will myself to run . It’s so cold! Ok I need to get my fat ass out there.

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