Lil Spill

November 26, 2012

So Daniel and I both downloaded an app that keeps track of all the bars numbers in real time. Every night between 1-4 am it keeps on beeping. Every void, every comp! I have tried to switch the settings but it keeps coming back on. Then the one time it worked I started getting NFL notifications from another app. It’s driving me nuts. ( but I have noticed that New Orleans seems to have the most voids. Katie ?)
I need a regular alarm clock so that I can turn the phone off completely.
Ok so a friend of mine is sporting a full 6 pack. Damn ! So I called a trainer today. I said to him ” your motivation is biggest loser turns into GI Jane” . He nicely said that I wasn’t heavy. ” I know I am not heavy but those heavy people run marathons and I am topping out between 2-3 miles” . Tomorrow is my first day. My friend who recommended him said that she has to take pictures of everything she eats and send it to him. Lol maybe I should get Kevin on the plan. Ever since I told him I would sponsor him to do an Iron Man he has become a fat ass.

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