Lil Spill

October 13, 2012

Opening night in Constanta was a success. Packed wall to wall! Daniel made sure we all had our barkeys since we would all be bartending. I bartended for a little while but the language issue made it very hard. The staff really stepped it up which is nice. I will say the Constanta ” Prima Donna” girl stepped up on opening night and was really working. On the other end, the resident unisexual girl really let all of us down. Its funny but it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in there are always a few of the same type. 1. Prima donna. Pretty. Talented in something but never works quite as hard because she never had to. 2. The beautiful lesbian. You are not 100% sure she’s a lesbian but there is a rare beauty about her with a touch of masculinity. 3. The really hard worker. This is the girl that has the best work ethic. Always there giving 100% but there is a spark missing. This is the girl who you have to push and push til finally you get emotion out of her.
24 hours to get home! But I made it. I slept 6 hours then Jackson and I headed to his Cross Country meet. He came in 6th out of 80 kids . So I was very pleased. And he was very proud of himself. OK life is back on again. I am going to try and take at least 1 week off from traveling. My body just aches today. There is something about flying that dehydrates you. It doesn’t matter if its an hour flight or longer, I can tell in my lips and my hand how dehydrated I am.
3 bars open, in 3 different countries in less then a month! I am very proud!

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