Lil Spill

October 11, 2012

Long week in Constanta, Romania. The girls here are beautiful and full of life. The downside is that the management has been way too relaxed with them. Finally two days ago, I lost it on them! ” god damn it, I am sick of all these smoke breaks. Think I haven’t noticed that there are only a few of you working really hard? Get your shit together!” Well that worked because in two days we have made a ton of progress. Wow its a completely different and better group now.
Yesterday I took 3 Romanian girls and 2 american girls to perform on this famous Romanian talk show. ” Lil I am sorry but we have to shorten your performance by 1 minute because of breaking news in Romania.” The breaking news was this famous Romanian guy who was caught cheating on his wife. lol . Regardless all the girls did great. The clip is already on our website! Tonight is the big opening. I leave our american staff here and tomorrow I head back to the states. I am bone tired! Daniel and the girls have been running everyday. I have been at the gym every day. Bam. going back in good shape

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