Lil Spill

October 7, 2012

2 days to get to Novosibirsk ( capital of Siberia) but well worth it. The bar was gorgeous. It was packed. and the staff is outstanding. I had a press conference in Siberia. The russian press conferences are always funny. The area in Siberia where the bar is located was a hot spot for the sciences. One reporter started telling me that for 60 years scientist from Novosibirsk worked on domesticating the fox and they finally did. He asked what my thoughts were on this great achievement . My reaction was ” why couldn’t they have spent 60 years curing cellulite. Now that would of been a great accomplishment.” at least a few people laughed. Regardless an excellent opening!! ( the talk of grand opening night involved Daniel, tequila, and taking his shirt off while being doused in water.)
Now we are in Constanta, Romania helping to open his bar. Gorgeous girls. But we definitely need to do a lot of training. 4 days!!

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