I want to thank Christina from Nashville. We are taking her to Romania to help train the Romanian girls when that bar opens. Yesterday I told her that we picked her as one of the girls going to Romania. She was so excited and thankful. It made my whole day to hear the excitement and gratitude. We love you Christina! You have earned it!

Daniel: can I trade in the Mac desktop in the Key West office for a PC?
Kevin: you don’t trade in a ferrari for a Ford focus.
A present was left for us in the form of an incredible Mac at the Key West bar. When Daniel called me I was a bit shocked ” you want to trade it in?” . Because I am a huge apple person I have found a store that does training for new Mac users. Hopefully Daniel goes and appreciates it.
yesterday. 1. Lost all my calendar pics so I had to go through a 1000 pictures and repick the calendar months.2. Two hours trying to fax a paper, thinking the whole time that Jess had given me the wrong number. Low and behold the number was correct. I am just an idiot. 3. My new treadmill was supposed to be delivered. Be home between noon and 5. At 5 I get a call saying that they weren’t going to deliver it.6. Fighting with Lee about our invitation picture for Key West. 7. Ceiling in my bedroom leaking need to turn off the air conditioning all night. 100 degrees outside and I need to shut my AC.
Today is a new day! AC fixed and I am still waiting on my treadmill

The Find my iPhone app worked for me this morning! I was thinking that it might be nice not having a phone for 1 day!
Key West girl search around the corner! Very exciting. We have 3 bars opening within 30 days of each other. Key West then Romania then Siberia! Never in a million years did I think I would be opening a bar in Siberia but yes I am ! ” yes sir that is correct I own a business in Siberia” lol I can soon say that
I am grateful to Maya , Richard, and CeCe in NY. Thank you for putting so much time into the bad! I really appreciate all the hard work

Running myself ragged. I was invited as Trey’s guest to a fedex contractors dinner. It ended up being a mini seminar. Fedex ground is a huge company and their seminar issues were so similar to ours. Insurance, labor, accountability, growth. The Founder of Fedex, Fred Smith’s motto for his company has always been ” Grow or Die” . I love that. ( lets add a stipulation, grow while maintaining quality).
Afterwards we went out with some of the contractors to the casino. One of the contractors is a woman and her date was her female partner. After several drinks this girl had me hysterical laughing. ” I know I am gay but I am a republican. I love guns and the military. I’m not sitting home eating gay ice cream and watching gay movies.” Ok well I will vote liberal for the other gay people who do eat gay ice cream and want to watch gay movies without consequence!” lol
On another note, Trey and I haven’t seen each other often. He lives about 2 1/2 hours away in Lafayette, la. Imagine my surprise that this guy that I have known for 4 years who is originally from North Carolina, now speaks with a cajun accent. It was like trying to listen to the show ” Swamp People”.
I am really grateful for Jasmin in Denver. What an incredibly hard, dedicated worker. THank You for being so steady with your job. Accepting more responsibility while being a leader and a good learner all in one package. Thank You

I am very grateful for 2 people this morning. Dinesty ( not spelling it correctly) in Nashville. What a hard, dedicated worker . She has been a rock for that bar . Thank you so much!
The 2nd thank You is to Rhonda in San Antonio. At the airport I met two people who couldn’t stop raving about her . She’s gorgeous, kind, fun. Such positive energy!
Jackson and I are heading to Key West to help Kevin. Tired today

Scene: sitting at my gate at the San Antonio airport.
Cheesy guy: ” why hello love your tattoo. Are you from San Antonio
Me: ” thank you. No I am not ”
Cheesy guy: ” I went out last night with work buddies and we went to two places. The first one was great…. I would highly recommend going. The second place was horrible . Definitely don’t go to Coyote Ugly on the river walk . Did you go out in San Antonio”
Me: ” yes I went to my bar Coyote Ugly ”
Me: “ok you started this. Why didn’t you like my bar?”
Cheesy guy: “too crowded”
Me: Thats it? It was too crowded and you would highly not recommend going?”
Cheesy Guy: ” I’m sorry”
The woman sitting behind me started hysterical laughing.
Well unlike him, I had an incredible time at the 8 year anniversary party! They did a futuristic theme and used black light and battery operated flashing shirts. It was pretty cool. Hung with our Russian partners and Daniel’s little brother. My god he has no game. Poor thing needs ” how to hook up for dummies book”.

Marsha and I had an awesome day yesterday! Then we met up with Daniel and crew. So fun! Really an excellent excellent day.
I am grateful that I have so many wonderful people that don’t just work for me but work with me . They are my good friends! Love them!
Also I am so grateful for Lauren in San Antonio. Always giving 100%! Thank You so much for trying so hard !
Great day. Going to dinner with our Russian partners then heading to anniversary party!

What can go wrong will go wrong. I am at the airport and I noticed that I forgot makeup. Ok easy I will run to wall greens later. Then I am at Southwest kiosk. They can’t find my reservation and I can’t find my confirmation. Ok I purchased the ticket at the counter. I go to the ATM, Insufficient funds. Crap. Ok call bank and it should be fixed by afternoon .
As long as the plane doesn’t crash, I can handle everything else.
I am thankful for Marsha and Budweiser. Marsha got us vouchers to go to the spa in San Antonio today! Awesome