Lil Spill

August 3, 2012

Scene: sitting at my gate at the San Antonio airport.
Cheesy guy: ” why hello love your tattoo. Are you from San Antonio
Me: ” thank you. No I am not ”
Cheesy guy: ” I went out last night with work buddies and we went to two places. The first one was great…. I would highly recommend going. The second place was horrible . Definitely don’t go to Coyote Ugly on the river walk . Did you go out in San Antonio”
Me: ” yes I went to my bar Coyote Ugly ”
Me: “ok you started this. Why didn’t you like my bar?”
Cheesy guy: “too crowded”
Me: Thats it? It was too crowded and you would highly not recommend going?”
Cheesy Guy: ” I’m sorry”
The woman sitting behind me started hysterical laughing.
Well unlike him, I had an incredible time at the 8 year anniversary party! They did a futuristic theme and used black light and battery operated flashing shirts. It was pretty cool. Hung with our Russian partners and Daniel’s little brother. My god he has no game. Poor thing needs ” how to hook up for dummies book”.

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