Lil Spill

August 10, 2012

Running myself ragged. I was invited as Trey’s guest to a fedex contractors dinner. It ended up being a mini seminar. Fedex ground is a huge company and their seminar issues were so similar to ours. Insurance, labor, accountability, growth. The Founder of Fedex, Fred Smith’s motto for his company has always been ” Grow or Die” . I love that. ( lets add a stipulation, grow while maintaining quality).
Afterwards we went out with some of the contractors to the casino. One of the contractors is a woman and her date was her female partner. After several drinks this girl had me hysterical laughing. ” I know I am gay but I am a republican. I love guns and the military. I’m not sitting home eating gay ice cream and watching gay movies.” Ok well I will vote liberal for the other gay people who do eat gay ice cream and want to watch gay movies without consequence!” lol
On another note, Trey and I haven’t seen each other often. He lives about 2 1/2 hours away in Lafayette, la. Imagine my surprise that this guy that I have known for 4 years who is originally from North Carolina, now speaks with a cajun accent. It was like trying to listen to the show ” Swamp People”.
I am really grateful for Jasmin in Denver. What an incredibly hard, dedicated worker. THank You for being so steady with your job. Accepting more responsibility while being a leader and a good learner all in one package. Thank You

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