Lil Spill

August 15, 2012

Daniel: can I trade in the Mac desktop in the Key West office for a PC?
Kevin: you don’t trade in a ferrari for a Ford focus.
A present was left for us in the form of an incredible Mac at the Key West bar. When Daniel called me I was a bit shocked ” you want to trade it in?” . Because I am a huge apple person I have found a store that does training for new Mac users. Hopefully Daniel goes and appreciates it.
yesterday. 1. Lost all my calendar pics so I had to go through a 1000 pictures and repick the calendar months.2. Two hours trying to fax a paper, thinking the whole time that Jess had given me the wrong number. Low and behold the number was correct. I am just an idiot. 3. My new treadmill was supposed to be delivered. Be home between noon and 5. At 5 I get a call saying that they weren’t going to deliver it.6. Fighting with Lee about our invitation picture for Key West. 7. Ceiling in my bedroom leaking need to turn off the air conditioning all night. 100 degrees outside and I need to shut my AC.
Today is a new day! AC fixed and I am still waiting on my treadmill

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