Priceless stories rolling in! Lee asked all of us to bring props for the funny photoshoot. Kevin , Daniel, and Tommy brought knunchucks. When they left my house Saturday night Tommy had all their knunchucks in his suit carryon bag. Sunday , After drinking all night at the anniversary party followed by gambling at Harrahs he went straight to the airport to go back to Austin . It completely slipped his mind that his carry on contained all these weapons. Drunk and pitiful he was interagated by multiple agencies for hours before being allowed to go home! Lol
Now Kevin was having the Coyote Ugly experience. Wakes up in a hotel suite by himself after hanging with multiple people. Well the people he hung out with caught an early morning flight and packed his shirt by accident. Kevin then walked around the French quarter with no shirt trying to catch a cab but no one would take him. It’s so much funnier when this shit happens to other people!

It seems that everyone had a little too much fun this weekend. Today is Tuesday. Two days post New Orleans anniversary party and other then the logs I have only received 2 emails. Yesterday Daniel was throwing up all day. Jeff felt like hell. And the topper was when Jeff and I were having a meeting with some bankers , Kevin walked in looking literally like the expression ” look at what the cat dragged in” . He looked bad and smelled bad. Well it appears that I will be having a light day at work.

I am officially on the wagon till the NY anniversary. What an excellent anniversary party. Some of the Mom’s from Jackson’s school came by and they did bodyshots and had fun. So many people came by to say hello. Really fun. We had a ball the day before at my house doing the corporate photoshoot. What an excellent weekend but yes I can not have any alcohol for awhile. This morning everyone seemed pretty rough. Getting old

Jackson, Trey, Kevin, and I ran a 2 mile race this morning . I think Jackson and Kevin did it in 18 minutes. I am so slow but I made it!
Ok 4 hours of sleep and 2 long days. Today everyone starts getting into town . Taking a new corporate picture. Having fun for two days.
By the way yesterday was the official NY 19 year anniversary. ( party feb 12). Tomorrow 10 year anniversary New Orleans !!

Pow! Milwaukee good night. I am starting to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. As usual San Antonio rocking it! This weekend is going to be fun with the New Orleans anniversary party.
Walked into Jackson’s school to pick him up. His principle was in a very chic minidress. I said ” hot mama” she looked at me and said ” what do you have a new job cleaning up after people?” ok so the lesson I learned is not to give women compliments while your in sweatpants and a sweatshirt” ( on a side note Jackson’s teacher asked if I had just finished painting?)

Hot damn New Orleans 10 year anniversary party on Sunday. Omg time is flying. We are doing a new corporate picture. Two actually, one formal and the second one funny.
The principle of Jackson’s school called to say that Jackson has requested an after school book club. His dad and I looked at each other like ” what?” I said to his dad ” you know this means I am going to get roped into reading this stuff?” his dad quickly said ” don’t worry about it, once the group wants to read things like Jane Eyre or Little Women he’s out.” I have no idea where this book club thing came from. He likes to read occasionally but he’s not a book worm. Funny.
Coyote truck is finished looks awesome

I just joined the Jewish Community Center. It has an awesome gym and its close to my house. Well I went to the gym this morning for the first time and I was stunned at how many people had gorgeous , chiseled legs. After I finished I called my Jewish friend Jill and said ” I never knew your people had such gorgeous muscular legs.” her response ” of course they do, its from all the fleeing.”
As I have written before my brother in law has an explanation why We Colombian Women have such big thighs and legs. In his words, Its from all the coffee picking.” So todays lesson is that ethnicity does effect body type.

Hot Damn my search is starting to pan out!! A few old regulars got in touch with me!Not one of them remembers anyones last names. How funny that you can hang out with people for years and not know their last names. “Beertruck where are you? I know its Paul but no freaking clue what your last name is. Beertruck remember when you were a dumbs ass and invited your parents to your birthday party at the bar? Yes you threw up in front of your mother. ” “Brady? where are you? You bet me $50 that I wouldn’t know which bartender asked you to change a keg downstairs. I knew and you were so pissed that I won that money!” ” Rachel Dunham. Yes I know your last name but can’t find you. I still have the pictures from your very last night bartending at Coyote. ( In the vault). “So many more people.

So this week in The Gambit , Cue section, a local reporter did a story about my house and my style. The reporter raved about certain areas of my house and my style yet none of those pictures made the article. In fact they picked a generic picture of my living room when I saw a killer picture of my little sitting area. Well I guess the editor has final choice. Well if they had come one week later they could of photographed my new Marilyn Monroe art piece. Jackson thinks I am weird cause every morning I go downstairs and say ” good Morning Marilyn”

Ok it took two days for me to get over the Saints loss. Heading To the Austin Anniversary this week. That’s usually a brutal one because the San Antonio girls come there and are buying so many shots. The days of the tiny hangover are over. I am expecting a two day recovery. 8 years the Austin bar has been open! Seems like yesterday.

I am sIck after the Saints loss. I really thought we were heading back to the superbowl. It’s so sad when the season ends. Sad day

Thank god for San Antonio cause most of the bars have been doing horribly this week. Austin Anniversary is jan 17th( Thursday). New Orleans anniversary is Sunday January 29th and the NY anniversary is February 12th! I must detox in between events.

LSU got their asses kicked last night. Saturday I drove my son to his boxing lesson. I looked around and I realized every freaking guy training there was ripped and gorgeous. There are a few things offsetting about this phenomena. 1. If you dated one of them do you also have to be ripped? And 2. They are always there no matter what time or day of the week. Do they have jobs? These are my thoughts at 6 am

I need a celebrity preferably a woman who loves Whisky. How cool would it be for some really hot celebrity to get tipsy drinking Coyote Ugly Whisky. Our Whisky should be coming out soon!